Finn Comfort Ivrea Women's Comfort Slipper in Black - Stylish Leather Ballerina Shoes with Removable Insole

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Color: black
Size: 36 EU
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Experience unparalleled comfort and effortless style with the 'Finn Comfort Ivrea' Women's Comfort Slipper. Crafted with perfection in Germany, these shoes are a testament to Finn Comfort's tradition of top-quality footwear that cares for your feet. Designed for individuals appreciating meticulous craftsmanship, each pair is largely handmade, reflecting attention to detail in every stitch.

Key Features:

  • Stylish Comfort: Merging fashion with functionality, the Ivrea slipper features a chic, modern design adaptable for everyday wear. Perfect for young adults who value style and comfort.
  • Premium Materials: Made from elastic Neronestretch leather, and a durable synthetic sole, ensuring long-lasting wear and flexibility to accommodate your foot's natural movements.
  • Health & Wellness Focused: Includes a removable, plant-tanned leather insole, ensuring not only comfort but also the promotion of healthy and relaxed walking. Ideal for those with sensitive feet or conditions like Hallux Valgus.
  • Superior Fit and Support: Equipped with dual Velcro straps for a secure fit and anatomical features that support the midfoot and arch, providing relief during extended wear.
  • Eco-Conscious: Embrace sustainability with components like plant-tanned leather interior, which aligns with the values of environmentally conscious young adults.

Whether you're navigating a busy day or enjoying a casual outing, the Finn Comfort Ivrea slipper ensures you do so with ease, comfort, and style. Walk confidently and comfortably with Finn Comfort!

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